Monday, July 14, 2008

Run Down for the week and Return Polio Symptoms

Let's see... it's MONDAY (ugh!) and I'm at work trying to make myself look busy and stay awake. Today is my MIL's b-day, so we will make the obligatory trip to have dinner with the family. It's really not all that bad, but the hour drive there and back gets a little old when I have to get up and come to work tomorrow.

Luckily, Bri and Bailey are at their 'other' grandparents' house at the lake -so they will have a great time this week fishing and swimming. It's a mini vacation for them when they get to go to Pop's house! LOL Brit is still working full time and I think she is going to register for another class during the last summer semester. She made an 'A' in her Psychology Class this summer, and I'm really quite proud that she has stuck it out going to school and working. I'm not going to say too much - too soon! I might jinx it!

Since the girls are out-of-town this week my meal plans are going to be minimal - as in - nadda - nothing - you are on your own - fix it yourself week! I am also going to re-join Curves and see if I can't improve my mobility a bit! I must do something to to try to loose some weight as my back and my knees are only becoming more painful and just simple movement out of the bed is beginning to be very painful.

I KNOW that exercise has always helped in the past, and I'm not going to give into medications until I give exercise a try - AGAIN! About 20 years ago, my Dr. told me that the Polio pain would come back with a vengeance if I stopped exercising on a regular basis - well??? I guess he might be right about this? I hurt - every day - all day! This weekend was really what cinched the deal when I almost couldn't move out of the bed due to the pain. I had to take TWO of my prescription pain pills in order to get any relief to be able to sleep. That was a first for me! And I hope it was the last! At the time I was diagnosed with Polio, I didn't have any visable symptoms, as such, but over time they are making themselves evident. Obviously I have entered into the Post-Polio Syndrome stage. I really don't complain much to my family because basically they don't believe the extreme amount of pain I am in and I've just learned to compensate and ignore so much of the pain - but this weekend really scared me. The pain was incredible!

Yep - I've got to get serious about the weight and the mobility! I'm too young to be going through this and it's absolutely pathetic that I have put myself LAST for so long that I have allowed my health to deteriorate - so .... onward and upward! I've got to get busy moving my booty!
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