Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Work with me - here....

I re-joined or reactivated my membership yesterday at Curves and attempted to do the 30 minute circuit. Sadly, I could only muster enough energy to get through 20 minutes but I have every intention of returning today to make it through 30 minutes!

It's a new day ! Even though I'm in pain, it isn't the same Polio Pain that I've been dealing with! I like to think that this is a good painful feeling, if that's possible? I think you know what I mean?However, one itty bitty development has arisen - uh - uh - Do you have any idea how difficult it is to rise off of the toilet when your leg muscles feel like jello? It's not a pretty sight! LOL

Now that I've left you with that awful image, I must go - :)

Oh, and just so you don't have any withdrawal symptoms of seeing pics of my kids - my MIL sent me some cute pics of the girls fishing off of their dock yesterday. As soon as I get them 'tweaked' up a bit, I will share them with you. LOL
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