Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'm just going to go out on a limb here in hopes that the reason my kids look like drowned rats is because they had just gotten out of the hot tub or pool? Obviously hair is not a top priority at the lake! UGH????? (I've rolled my eyes at least a hundred times at these pictures! LOL) Is this what my kids do when I'm not around to tell them to brush their hair? I don't even want to think about their bathing or teeth brushing habits while away from MOM!!!

And just incase you are wondering - splashing around in the hot tub or swimming pool does not constitute having had a bath! OMG!!

I guess I should also comment on their big catches of the day! Funny thing is I don't think those are exactly the keepers they had in mind? LOL Looks like it was a catch and release day of fishing! Obviously they are having a great time with Pops and Granny B at the lake house! Posted by Picasa
(I realize my munchkins have only been away from home for 2 days, but I miss those kids! Our house is too quiet and dull - I need my munchkins!!!)
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