Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm not a food snob...

But I'm definitely a PHOTO SNOB!!! Lately, as I learn more and more about how to properly use my camera and not just the point and shoot method, I have really started to notice what OTHER PEOPLE do wrong in their pictures. Now don't get me wrong - I'm not going around calling them out on their photog skills or tastes, but I do notice and I do make mental notes in my head of what does and doesn't work.

Even pictures that relatives have taken of my kids, I just don't like them or I must take them and tweek them a bit and hopefully I can find a point that I can stop and be happy. I am so horrible! I should just be happy that others want to snap my kids, but really I don't like their compositions or lighting choices. I know... I know... you can roll your eyeballs now!!!

I guess it's just more along the lines of my OCD stuff - I'm picky and I expect everyone else to be also?

Oh well.... I'll just keep snapping pictures of my kids or whatever I want and doing with them what I want! LOL I have convinced myself to purchase a new telephoto lens....So BEWARE...I am going to be pracitcing all weekend! Who knows what fun stuff I will have to show you on Monday!

Have a great weekend!
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