Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's VACATION time!!

I wish I could say that I was heading off to some remote tropical resort, but.... I'm heading to the ball fields!! Bailey's softball team is playing their Nationals Tournament this next week and we will be spending our days and nights at the softball fields in extreme heat and dealing with extreme grumpiness! LOL Say a little prayer for my patience... we will ALL be together the next 11 days! This can't be good! LOL

Luckily the tournament is only 20 miles from our house, so that means we won't be spending our vacation money on gas, but I'm sure we will find something else to blow it on! Or should I say the girls will find something that they simply must do or can't live without?

Think about me as I'm sitting in my lawn chair with my camera in hand snapping some great active pitching shots of Bailey and listening to Briley whine about how hot and bored she is! Oh boy, oh boy.... this is going to be so much fun!!!! (Yes, that was sarcasm!!)

I should probably up my dose of Lexapro, just to be on the safe side so that no one gets hurt!!! ROFL!!!

I should be back online and blogging myself silly after August 1st! Have a great week! And if any of you happen to be at a beach - send me some sand!!! I'm having vacation withdrawals.... I need to smell salt water and I need to feel the waves splashing me! I guess about all I can hope for is the splash of my trusty water sprinkler as I'm sprawled out in my lawn chair! (UGH... not a good visual!!)
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