Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We live on Divorce Lane, USA

Last night I was told that two of the near and dear couples that live on our street are getting divorced. I was shocked!! We all moved into our new country homes within months of each other and for the past 6 years our kids have really gotten to be good friends. Now don't misunderstand, we are not the kind of neighbors that cookout and and hangout together on the weekends, but our kids do play together and we all buy the junk our kids are peddling for their school fund raisers... ya' know?

There are a few times a month that we all stand around some one's driveway and discuss the latest happenings on the street - such as the coyotes and the kids and their 4-wheelers, or the new family that just moved in and has an obnoxious teenager??? LOL ... But nothing usually too personal. I guess we just all like it that way?

Anyway, of the 40 original families and new homes that were built 6 years ago, in that short time we have had a whopping 10 couples/families that have gone through divorce. I am in complete shock! Three of these divorces have occurred in the past 3 or 4 months!!

I realize this is a very common thing in our society, but it just seems so extreme when it's all within one horseshoe/street of homes.... KWIM? I fully realize and can understand the frustrations that have risen for hubby and I while living in the country and I make no qualms about it... I HATE IT!!! The whole septic system thing is just gross, the rural mail service sucks, the outrageous cost of utilities because we are so far from town, and the simple fact that we have RATS and BUGS... UGH... I hate BUGS!!!! Some days seeing a dead rat in my driveway is almost more than I can handle - AGAIN!!! (At least the cat is earning her keep!)

Maybe these other couples have been struggling the same way? I just really don't know, but I do know that it was a huge culture shock for our kids to attend the country school and its been a huge pain the butt to live so far from civilization. Maybe the stress has just been too much for their families as well? There have been MANY days when I had to literally force myself to drive home after work, because I HATE living out there! I'm a city girl - I need TARGET and KOHL's.... well you get my point! I want to GO see a movie, not wait until DISHTV decides to play it on Pay-per-View! I just about had hubby convinced to 'move to town' until this dang housing market slump hit Dallas - UGH - now he's in a holding pattern and won't even consider the idea of 'moving on up to the East side'! LOL

What do you think? Is it normal that a quarter of the folks in one neighborhood have gotten divorced in just under 6 years? What is in the water?
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