Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Is it a mid-life crisis?

Or am I just loosing my mind? Let's begin from the beginning, shall we???

I am the Corporate Controller for an Aerospace Manufacturing Company and my job is quite secure. I am entering my 6th year with this company (the longest I've ever been employed ANYWHERE!) I have decent health insurance for myself and the girls, I have a 401k plan, I have a very substantial paycheck and for the most part my office is calm and clean with very little drama. I realize I am very fortunate to work for this company and I am very blessed to have my current salary!$$$! (I'm not bragging, just relating that I realize how good I've got it and I should just shut-up and be happy!)

I am in a position that allows me to jump and run if and when the girls call and 'need' me. Often times I have to rescue them from some horrible illness at school or if they've simply forgotten their gym clothes at home I am able to run grab them. (For the record, each kid gets 2 calls each year for forgotten school items, and then after those 2 chances, they must suffer the consequences.)

Luckily I only have to drive 13 miles to work each day. Several times a week, I am able to run home at lunch and do a load of dishes or throw laundry on, but still - I'm so bored with my job. BUT I NEED THE MONEY my kids really like to eat on a regular basis!!! LOL

I use to think that being a stay-at-home mom would be ideal for me - well?? Maybe not so much anymore? LOL I really need the stimulation from the outside world and I've NEVER been able to stay home with my kids, so I would probably go stark raving mad - and to NOT have 'fun' money would make me even crazier! Ya' know? We have all become spoiled to our lifestyle and my money... it's the sad truth! We aren't out going shopping every weekend and I don't carry some $400 purse - ya' know? But our next meal doesn't depend on the food bank box of groceries either and I drive a new car - one of the things/necessities in my life that I'm NOT going to give up!

However, I have been feeling the urge lately to go back to college. Yes, yes, I know.... I've got a kid going to college FULL TIME this fall and I should probably have my head examined for even toying with the idea. I already have 100+ hrs of college credit from the University, and I know I could just pick up where I left off and get my teaching certificate, but let's be honest - Teacher's don't get paid enough - and I already make twice as much or more than a teacher - so stepping back in the salary would not be of any interest to me. Besides, Teachers have to work way too hard and get very little appreciation. (I know this first hand, my mom and my sister are both educators and both have multiple degrees and I still make more money than they do!!! It's a bit of a sore subject around our dinner table! lol )

BUT... I have for a very long time been interested in the Medical World... I am a Discovery Channel - Medical Show Nerd.. I love Blood and Guts!! LOL Well... not exactly, but you know what I mean? I come from a long line of medical professionals, including quite a few nurses, mid-wives, and health care workers. I'm a geek and a nerd in the worst way - just ask my kids!

There is a Jr. College about 15 miles from my house that offers a 2-year RN -Nursing program and the acceptance requirements are quite steep and the waiting list is rather long, but even so, I am trying to convince myself to take an Anatomy and Physiology class this fall -just to see if I can still make it in school. I haven't been enrolled in any classes in about 8 years - it would probably be a jolt to my system? LOL But at the same time, I am very interested in this area of study and think I would really enjoy it and could possibly do quite well?

What's wrong with me... I've been working in Accounting and in the professional world for 20+ years? This is my chosen profession - I'm good at counting other people's money!! lol Why am I suddenly craving this change? Why am I so unfulfilled in this profession? Why the heck is my job so boring to me???? I don't feel like I've learned anything new in years- and the processes that I go through each day are the same, day in and day out. B.O.R.I.N.G.!!!!

Could this sudden urge to change my life be due to the fact that I am about to 'celebrate' (I use the term loosely) 20 years of marriage? I am about to be 39 years old? Is this a mid-life crisis? Hmmm??? Is this when men go out and find a younger woman? I certainly am not interested in finding another man to train to put down the toilet seat, but a new profession for myself wouldn't be so bad? Would it?

Or? Maybe I just need to get a new hobby? I should probably get busy quilting and sewing again? What's your personal experience with a mid-life crisis?
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