Friday, August 8, 2008

The Tom-Boy phase has ended....

My dear, sweet, dirt wearing Bailey has decided to 'change her image'. Well Duh??? What 8th grade girl starting a new school year hasn't decided to 'change their image'? LOL After all, it's 8th grade - the top grade on the campus... they rule the school - don't cha' know?

She announced that she wanted to start wearing make-up and earrings to school on a more consistent basis and she's got a long list of fashion accessories she is going to 'need ' to make her appearance less boyish! Oh My.!!!! What have I created? I wanted her to girl-up just a bit, but what I had in mind was being more consistent with wearing deodorant that wasn't her dad's Old Spice, and maybe brushing her hair more than once a day or just fixing her hair and not the pony tail....but I think I've created a bit of a monster.

Where once the color of pink was just totally gross, she is now wearing PINK on a daily basis! The basketball shorts and t-shirts have been replaced by MATCHING shorts and tops!!! GASP!!!!

Okay, okay... who has abducted my easy breezy Bailey and replaced her with a high maintenance teenage girl? :) I was in hopes that I could keep her 'toned down' for a bit longer, but I guess the 'girly-girl' bug has taken a chunk out of her. We haven't gone shopping for school clothes yet, and thankfully the girls are required to wear uniforms, but my oh my... what is this trip going to entail in regards to backpacks, shoes, and purses? (I feel a migraine coming on.)

I'm waiting for her to suggest we have get her a mani and a pedi before the first day of school... I just might faint! My tom-boy with PINK nails???? Say it isn't so???
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