Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Fall Ya'll

Well it's finally official - Fall has arrived! I can decorate with pumpkins and fall leaves and not be considered a big dork by my neighbors! I really do enjoy this time of year when we can raise the windows and experience the crisp morning air or fresh evening breezes without the droning sound of the air conditioner constantly coming on and off. Now I realize I can't get too happy yet, because we will still have several more days of 90* weather, but I can at least look forward to the season changes with baited anticipation.

Along with the change in season, comes the reoccurring runny noses and seasonal sneezes - but I'm ready - the Zyrtec is in the medicine cabinet and I'm still going to enjoy this time of year.

We have started our new year of Girl Scouts and our troop has increased in size from 4 girls to 15 - so I'm really excited about the fun stuff I've got planned for us to do this year. I'm even going to entertain the idea of taking our Brownie Troop on a camping trip - I think I should have my head examined!!! Luckily my Assistant Leader loves to camp is more than ready to lead this adventure - or else I might not be so eager to pitch a tent! Oh by the way - I don't know how to pitch a tent - and I really never considered learning - this should be interesting! LOL

We are going to have a mini-camp next month, to teach the girls in all of our troops in the area, various camping techniques and skills before we actually take off to the woods. I have a lot of confidence in the lady that is leading this adventure, so I plan on bunking down in her tent when the boogie man comes to visit us in the middle of the night! LOL
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