Friday, September 5, 2008


(Now say that with a southern teenage drawl.....) This is the coolest bag EVER!!!!!

This purse is called a Miche Bag and is totally changeable and versatile. You no longer need to buy an bag to match an outfit - you just buy one bag and change out the 'shells'!! This is an awesome discovery!!!

Here's how it works, you buy one bag for around $35 and then you buy these cute different colors and designs of shells that attach to the outside of the bag to change look of the purse. How cool is that? If I understood this correctly, the outer shells attach by using magnets. I just might have to have one of these - just for the novelty of it!

I heard about this bag on the radio show I listen to as I drive in to work, and ofcourse I made their website my FIRST stop once I got into my office today. This purse/bag really is a neat little idea. Check out their website!
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