Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mmm.... Fall is in the air...

Can you smell it? The newly bought pumpkin spice candles.... the grocery stores are stocking up on pumpkins.... the aisles are filled with Halloween treats, pie making goodness, and rows and rows of harvest decorating items.... Ahhh.... could it be that Summer is coming to a close? Could it be that cooler temps are in our near future?

PSYCHE!!! This is Texas! Get a grip! We will have 80* evenings until almost Christmas and this evil tease that's in the air is due to Gustav.... but I'll gladly take the cooler temps for a day or two.

OH well - I fell victim to the spell and went on-line and orderd my Yankee Candles this morning! What can I say? I'm weak? I need seasonal changes and cool weather goodness... not to worry - by mid February I will be complaining of the cold weather and relentless wind and whining about needing a tropical vacation.

I know, I know, I'm just never happy!
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