Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fall Garden Plans

No, no, no.... not MY garden plans, but my 88 year old grandmother's garden plans!!!

I caught my Nan-Naw in a weak moment on Sunday afternoon and made a deal with her - she's really very active and quite a hoot - I just love that old woman dearly AND clearly I'm her favorite of 5 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren - just ask me!

Anyway, I called her up Sunday afternoon with a proposition - If she will plant a fall garden this year, I will pay for everything that she needs to buy such as seeds and plants and then when it's time to harvest, I will come down to her house (3 hr trip) to help her pick or shell beans or whatever. I also want her to teach me how to 'can' and 'put-up' veggies the right way, so I'm going to buy all the stuff she needs to do that. I figure I get to learn from the Master of Gardending and Canning and she gets to continue to be the greatest Nan-Naw EVER!!

Each Spring and Summer she has a garden and usually will share a pint or two of her famous butter beans with me, but she really only grows enough for herself, which is great and it keeps her up and moving each day. However if you call to check on her, be prepared to sit and listen to her 30 minute detailed description of all she's done in her yard and just say 'uh huh' every few minutes! LOL

If she didn't have her garden to keep her busy, I'm sure she would find more time to sew and quilt, which is another incredible talent she has. This is a picture of my Nan-Naw last Christmas passing the time... crocheting.... I will never be as talented or as patient as she is.

I'm very excited at the prospect of having fresh veggies in my freezer and if all goes well, maybe I can convince her to do a larger garden in the Spring and I will be better educated and can do all of the canning for her. When I first mentioned it she said that her feet and legs wouldn't hold up to all of that standing in the kitchen canning, so I asked her if she could just sit and supervise - YEP, that was not a problem at all for her. We have a deal! :)
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