Tuesday, September 9, 2008

School Pictures - Oh HORROR!

**UPDATE** Did you know that for a mere $6 you can have your school pictures retouched. Well you can bet we checked that box and included the additional $6! LOL

We've all been there - Picture Day at school and there's some sort of blemish that will haunt us for the rest of our lives, because there IT is - captured in color print - for the entire world to see!

Okay, so maybe its not quite that horrid, but when you're in Jr. High and you've got two HUMONGOUS zits on your chin and its THE day of school pictures - O...M...G.... It is traumatic!! Yep, it's Bailey Drama and believe you me - she is not the least little bit amused by this. I've assured her that we can always have re-takes done, but as she reminded me, the school uses the first go-around of pictures to put in the yearbook - they don't use retakes! (Insert rolling eyes!!!)

So, we've got approximately 24 hours before THE day and we'll be using all forms of magical zit remedies this afternoon and tonight. I've explained to her, that during my school years, from kindergarten through Jr. High, I always had missing teeth, fever blisters, chapped lips or zits - It's life - It's inevitable!

(Wish us luck -'cause there's not enough cover-up in the world to cover those pesky zits! They are with us to stay for several days! This too shall pass...)

What are your school picture horror stories?
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