Monday, November 3, 2008

Weekend Recap

Here's a quick run down of the weekend - The girls went trick-or-treating and they both decided that it was too boring! :) They decided that next year they will just stay at home and hand out candy. That idea sounds great to me, but we'll see what next year holds and the peer pressure mounts! LOL

Early Saturday morning, Briley and I had to meet with her Brownie Troop in a quickie meeting to work on our troop craft swaps for this upcoming weekend's sleepover with several troops from our area. Luckily most all of the girls showed up to help make their swaps and the little felt sleeping bag dolls turned out really cute. We are ready for our first Girl Scout Sleep Over Event... I think?

Next on Saturday, Bailey and I travelled to First Monday Trade Days in Canton and had a long, but wonderful day going through all of the vendors' junk and browsing through the pavilions. Our intention was to find her a cute new purse (they sell these things by the millions), but Bailey couldn't find one that just reached out and grabbed her.... so.... we bought other stuff that reached out and grabbed us! We really had a great time - even the shade tree lunch and corny dog were good. The weather was perfect and the crowds were huge, but it was a very nice day spent together.

So after we drug our bodies home on Saturday evening, I was just about done for and not able to move another muscle in my body. Bailey of course was feeling no pain and could go on for ever - uh.. not this old mama - I needed sleep and lots of it!

Sunday with the time change, Briley and I were up bright and early and had hit the grocery store even before the church crowds got there. Then I was in the 'purging' mood and did a total make-over on my closet! Let's just say - it was a much needed chore. I purged out two large trash bags of clothes that I just simply will not wear again and probably haven't worn in 5+ years. At this point in my life, IF I were to ever get back into those sizes, I would just buy new! Ya know? It was absolutely wonderful to be able to 'walk in' to my walk in closet this morning and get dressed. Ahhhh... what a feeling! LOL

Oh well - as dreadfully boring and uneventful as my weekend sounds - it was great in my opinion! I didn't move mountains (unless you consider the bags of clothing) and I didn't fly to the moon, but I have a huge sense of accomplishment that I got so much done and taken care of in just two days.

Welcome to November in Texas - the high temps today are supposed to be in the 80*'s! Yes, that's right - This is Fall in Texas - keep cranking the A/C up and fighting the mosquitoes.

Hope your weekend was wonderful and you have a fabulous Monday!
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