Monday, December 15, 2008


Oh how I hate thee, let me count the ways.

I must apologize to my blogging buddies for my sudden disappearance - it was a Migraine!
Not just any migraine, but one of those that sends you to the ER in so much pain that death would be a welcome change!!! I ended up at the ER TWICE, once on Saturday in Houston while I was visiting my BFF and then again on Monday, after I attempted to go to work - like a big dumby!!! I finally got into see the Neurologist on Wednesday.

The most wonderful Neurologist that came to my rescue has discovered that I've been having anxiety attacks and thus I have developed severe muscle spasms in the back of my head and neck/shoulders. Thus the feeling that someone was stabbing my head with a hatchet -for 8 days STRAIGHT!! Did you know that not being able to stick your tongue out is a huge indicator of bad stuff? Let me tell ya' - it's not good if you voilenty throw up with a turn of a head or a sneeze! HUGE WARNING signs that something is wrong!!!

Oh well.... I'm on the road to recovery and really loving the pain pills and muscle relaxers that I've been prescribed! Who knew?

Maybe I can bring some fun back to blogging ? Right now I'm just trying to relearn to READ!! LOL
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