Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Brrrr.... it's cold outside!

Yep, we are having a couple days of winter and the Metroplex is preparing like it was THE GREAT BLIZZARD! Oh what do I care if these folks over react to a little ice and slush...I'm not getting out in it! LOL

I hate the cold - I don't wanna feel the wind chill - I don't wanna drive in this stuff - I don't wanna get out of my comfy house. Can you tell? I'm not much of a winter girl - give me the Bahamas or a Caribbean breeze ANYDAY.

I'm sure if the wintry mix accumulates like they say, the schools will be closed tomorrow and I'll 'get' to stay at home with my kids. Oh who am I kidding? I don't want to come to work, it's just that simple, I want a SNOW DAY too!

Our offices are closing at 2:30 today since the news forecasts predict a rough ride home this evening as the precipitation increases and the temps drop further. Woo Hoo....I'll be home an hour or so before the bus drops the girls off - that's a little nappy time for me! Not to mention, we won't be having Tumbling Class tonight so Briley and I will just stay in and snuggle - our favorite thing to do, Just give us some snuggle time in my big bed, a coloring book, and a box of 'unbroken' crayons and WE are happy! What better way is there to spend the dreary evening?

Stay warm and have a wonderful evening!
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