Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just not in the mood today....

For much of anything. I sure hope I'm not coming down with some weird crud, but all I want to do is crawl back in bed.

I'm also a little angst with all of the hullabaloo about this inauguration - I mean - seriously folks- he may have 'black' skin, but he was raised as a white boy in a white boy's world. Do you honestly think you've succeeded in getting a 'black man' in the White House? I don't really think so, and I don't really care what the color of his skin is - I just want a President that can do a good job.

In all honesty, I feel sorry for the guy - he's got a lot of people counting on him and if he fails to produce the majestic changes that he's expected to produce - well - what are you gonna say then?

Oh well... for what it's worth - it's just my opinion and I'm not really in the mood to defend my crazy rambles.
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