Friday, January 16, 2009


Woo Hooo.... I've made it to Friday!

This week has been filled with all kinds of stress causing events.

First off, we've all been worrying and dealing with a sick pig, who by the way is finally on the road to recovery. We've had a 'pig specialist' come out and determine that she had indeed been suffering with the flu and was given a powerful couple of shots and seems to be perking right up and getting well! Thank goodness - we were all a little on edge when we thought we might loose her!

The good news around our dining table last night was that Bailey saw her 'peeing' twice in just a matter of 30 minutes or so. Yes folks, we really were talking about the pig's bowel movements while eating dinner! You just never know what will turn up around our dining table?
I'm usually prepared for the worst!

Next, I agreed to tackle painting Brit's room --RED-- and much to my dismay it has been a horrible nightmare! If I ever mention painting anything red again- quickly slap me! It seems as though we should have started with a grey undercoat - which we didn't find out until we were already two gallons into it and two walls covered... UGH.

So anyway, after much tear shed and life threatening, my husband finally agreed to take it over and 'fix' our mess. I'm glad to say that we only need one more coat of trim work on the top of the walls and I need to touch up the white shiny paint on the crown molding and we are DONE! Only 4 coats and 4 gallons of paint later... UGH!!!

My plan is to shampoo the carpet tonight and start putting up curtains/blinds and moving furniture back in to the room on Saturday. Let me repeat that - We WILL finish on Saturday or someone's going to die! This isn't going to be pretty-my house is turned upside down and I'm working on my very last nerve - so you can imagine that the tension in our house is not at the best possible level! LOL

Finally, this is the beginning of Girl Scout Cookie sales, and Briley has bugged the poo out of me every single night this week about going up and down the street selling cookies. This is something else that I absolutely despise - begging folks to buy stuff from you! Anyway, I'll let her hit up our immediate neighbors and family members this weekend, but I don't foresee Briley setting any new Girl Scout Cookie Sales Records... Ya' know what I mean?

I'm hoping for a much better weekend? Oh who am I kidding? I'm sure there will be some other emotional outburst or teenage drama unfolding as I naively drive home tonight, thinking all is right with the world...

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