Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Laptop Suggestions

Yes, I'm plastering more pictures of my kids on my blog - I'm trying to find a bit of stress relief in scrapbooking. I'm not so sure it's working, but I do enjoy it, so I guess I'll keep it up.

I have been toying with the idea of purchasing a Dell Notebook - ya' know - the small ones that are basically only good for surfing the web or email and formatting pictures. My reasoning is that I would like a place to call my own - not something I have to share with the kids - ya' know? I want a computer that I can tinker with my scrapbook stuff, keep up with my recipes, check my email, surf the web, load photos to and from - ya' know... just my stuff! I don't have any grand plans of running a business off of it and I certainly don't intend on creating some pivot table spreadsheet.

Anyone have any first hand experience with these new-age wonders? I would like to hear your horror stories, praises, or suggestions.

This is one that I've sorta been looking at....

Dell Latitude E5400 - $549 - Weight & Dimensions:
Starting weight: 5.58 lbs/2.54 kg9
Width: 13.31"/338mm
Depth: 9.61"/244mm
Height: 1.46"/37mm
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