Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pig Woes

Oh dear, we have pig problems! The Vet was called out this past Saturday and determined that our little piggy has the flu, along with another cow that shares the barn with the pigs.

So as any good Pig Dr. would do, he promptly gave her a shot of antibiotics and we were hopeful that she would be getting better and eating more. Sunday when the girls went down to the barn to walk and talk to the pig, she was acting like she felt much better and eager to have her belly scratched. It even looked like she was eating her feed more and things were looking up!

Well... then comes Monday - little Miss Daisy Pig is not so hot! She's still just lying around her pen and still appears to be under the weather. We have another pig-farmer-specialist coming out to check on her tonight, so maybe he can give us some 'secret pig feed recipe' that will help her start to feel better? Seriously - we've already bought a new fangled pen heater that is supposed to help her, we've put her on new pig feed that's obviously laced in gold nuggets, and the cost of the Vet and the meds... Insert HUGE eye rolling moment for me!

It would be just our luck to have this dang pig die on us and we wouldn't be able to make bacon out of her for some weird health concern!

I'll be sure to update you tomorrow with more Daisy Pig progress! LOL
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