Monday, February 23, 2009

A Typical Day in the Life of BAILEY!

Life is really extra tough when you are a hormonal and moody 13 yr old... if you don't believe me - just ask Bailey!
Let me give you a brief snapshot of our morning -
As usual Bailey doesn't wake up on time (after I've been in and out of her room for about 20 mins hollering at her to get up), so she's about 15 minutes behind in her routine for the day... then Bailey suddenly realizes that she forgot to put her clothes in the dryer last night and her uniform and athletic clothes are wet - UGH - now here's my disclaimer - I bet I reminded her no less that 10 times last night to put her clothes in the dryer, but did she? NOPE! So... this begins the frantic rush and the clothes go into the dryer.
Next we have the startling realization that she was supposed to have been at school early (6:30 a.m.) for Track practice - ooops - not happening now. Oh well, I guess she'll be running laps next class time as discipline... LOL
Moving on... Now it is 7:30 a.m. and Bailey hasn't had breakfast yet and can't find her shoes... (another typical occurrence) but she is at least dressed in her athletic clothes, since that is her first class of the day. Remember those wet uniform clothes - well they've been shoved into her tote bag and I'm sure they are still damp - but here again - Oh Well? Not my problem.
We are frantically rushing out of the door and loading into the car when Bailey realizes she needs to use the bathroom? What? Don't you do that when you get up? (INSERT EYE ROLLING MOMENT)...
It's 7:40 a.m. and Briley and I are in the car waiting and I'm honking the horn at Bailey! Finally she comes out of the house with her shoes and socks in hand, or so she thought. Only to find out AFTER I've already driven away from the house and turned onto the main highway that she must have dropped her socks somewhere along the way. (insert little temper tantrum in the car - LOL) Now let's not forget that she's got a whopping big toe with a whopping ingrown toenail...because she won't take care of her toenails and she cuts them off too short! I've tried to show her at least a hundred times how to prevent this pain and agony, but we all know she's not going to listen. So among the wails of no socks, we have the pain of the toenail!
Finally we decide that she can suffer one day with no socks and she's opening the can of Slim Fast that I brought to the car for her, and wouldn't you know it? She pops the top and all over her and the seat of the car is chocolate Slim Fast! I promise you at this point I was hysterical! There's not enough Xanax in the world to calm me down - and the scream fest begins. LOL You would be surprised at how ugly the drives to school can get after Bailey has pulled one her many stunts like this - and all in just a quick 4 miles to school.
It all seems funny in retrospect, but I guarantee you this is a normal everyday snap shop of Bailey's world. There should be a comic strip about her daily mishaps.
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