Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Finally detoxing and it's time to go back to work~

Day 4 of being off with the girls and basically we haven't painted the town red, but we've just enjoyed taking it easy and doing nothing exciting!

Isn't this always the case - just as I have de-stressed from my job and have found a pretty decent routine to my day, it's time to go back to work! I have to go in and work on Wednesday and Thursday, but I'll be off again Friday through Saturday. I guess I should say that this was my choice - I could have taken off Wednesday too, but we all know that when I returned the work to catch up on would have been horrible. As it is, I'll have a full inbox of items that will of course need my immediate attention. Oh well? This too shall pass!

So today on our agenda is just running a few errands and picking up circus tickets. Yes, folks...the Circus is coming to our home town! Now I'm sure this isn't the big tent of years past, but it is a pretty decent size group that comes to town each year and they use the elephants to raise the big top -that was in their brochure? I guess that's a big thing? LOL

Just so happens that this year is the first time we've been able to attend or at least I don't think we have anything else scheduled. Anyway, I need to run to the local store and pick up our discounted tickets. Briley is completely pumped about seeing a circus. I guess this will be her first time to go to a circus? Hmmm?? I guess I really should get her out more? LOL

Well if any of you are following my boring Spring Break Chronicles... thanks...and maybe I'll come up with something more exciting to post about tomorrow? Who knows?
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