Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Welcome signs of SPRING!

Yes... Finally -- We've made it through January and February, in my opinion those are the hardest months to get through. Once March arrives, I always feel like the worst is behind me and I can again look forward to warmer weather, green grass, and sunshine! I would never survive the winter months if I had to endure snow and ice on a more regular basis...I just wouldn't! It's no exaggeration to say that men in white suits would come take me away - if I lived any further north! :)

On the way to work this morning I realized that the red bud trees were beginning to bloom and of course that means that warmer weather and the coming of SPRING!!!

(bootlegged photo from Google...so thanks to whomever?)

Next up I realized that in fact the pear trees were blooming - yippee....hooray.... woo hoo.... !!!!

The temperatures today are supposed to be in the 60's and we are anticipating warmer temps for the remainder of the week! YES!!!!!

Let's not forget how exciting it is that the TIME CHANGES this weekend.... I can not wait! I don't know why it is that as soon as it gets dark outside I think I'm supposed to be ready for bed? Needless to say, I've spent the past couple of months dressed and ready for bed before 7 pm!! UGH.... not anymore - I'm going to be able to play outside in the dirt or just sit on my porch and watch the kids ride their bikes up and down the road - ahhhhh - I really needed this change of season!

Oh I know what your thinking - we aren't through with Winter yet and we will probably get a cold snap before or around Easter - but that's okay - I can suffer through - I see sunshine, warm temps and cute new flip flops on the horizon!

Get out and enjoy the signs of SPRING!

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