Monday, March 2, 2009

Texas Independence Day!

Just incase you were ever wonding when Texas Independence day was...It was March 2, 1836.

This was the day that Texas declared their independence from the Mexican Government and before they became a member of the United States.

Yes, yes I know... I'm a big dork, but let me explain - when I was a child my dad was a history buff and he would always share with me whatever history making event that might have happened on whatever day. I grew up learning and appreciating History and for the most part I still do, especially when it's about Texas! Afterall, Texas is the greatest state in the Nation! Just ask any true Texan and they will agree.

So anyway, I'm passing along to my kids all of the various 'dorky' dates that I remember and they basically look at me like I've lost my mind, but that's okay - they will remember these little moments when they are older. This morning on the way to school we had quite an indepth discussion of the Alamo and the reasons behind the battle, well as much as can be discussed in 7 minutes of travel time! :) No Matter - it's History - it's important -and I am remembering it!
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