Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm looking for some porch guidance.

I need help! I think I have a front porch that will accommodate some really cute southern decorating ideas, but I don't have any of those great ideas and am just really too overwhelmed to try to sort through tons of home improvement books!
Short of adding a table between the two rocking chairs and maybe a fern here or there, I'm stumped!
I'm open to suggestions! What would you recommend? I want to create an inviting and comfortable porch that just screams 'SOUTHERN CHARM' as guests arrive. Now once they walk in the front door, all that is screaming is 'CRAZY HOUSE', but I can dream and aspire to reflect a soft gentile image.
I have this great wooden high chair that my dad used as a child, currently its sitting in the corner by the front door holding a boring potted plant. I would still like to incorporate it into my porch scene, but I don't know what else to do with it - other than hold a boring plant. I will have to take some close up pics of my porch to submit for your review.
Okay - so basically - if you have any great web sites that you draw from for inspiration....well send them my way. Or if something is just screaming to you that I NEED to change or add - well bring it on! I know I need help!
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