Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Trade Day Goodies

I have become a frequent shopper at Canton Trade Days and have evolved into a pretty shrewd and resourceful junk shopper. (Is that something I should really be all too proud of?) I owe my little Canton addiction to one particular friend, whom shall remain nameless to protect the identity of the enabler!

I have one particular vendor that I stop by and visit with each chance I get - which is each time I go. She usually has the best assortment of vintage dish towels, aprons, table runners, linen napkins and such. This weekend was no exception. Obviously this little old lady is a garage sale shopper extraordinaire - how else would she always have a new supply of these items each month?

This is a table runner that is about 3 feet long. It is in excellent condition with no visible staining or tear. I simply couldn't resist this little treasure, it was calling my name! (Oh and it was $3!!!!)

This is probably my favorite snag of the day - I just wish I had ironed it, (as any proper southern diva would have before showing it in public...oops). This piece is also in mint condition and the fabric is very delicate, with no stains or discoloration. I can't wait to wash and starch this, I have the perfect spot for it in mind.

Of course I don't have any idea the age or origin of these wonderful finds, but I would like to think that some one's grandmother used it for her Easter Table each year.

These are some various cloth napkins that I just had to have to add to my already growing collection. I can already envision these draped on the shelves of my china cabinet, as I showcase my grandmother's dishes. Again, each of these were just a dollar - uh... hello? How could I turn them down?

Next, I found another sweet table runner of sorts, much smaller than the first but just as pretty.

Last but not least - I saw it and had to have it - it really was the first thing I noticed among the assorted tables of junk and knew that it was meant to be.... My grandmother has the tea pitcher and glasses that are the mates to this wonderful vase, which she has been promising to clean out her cabinets to give to me. So you see - it was kismet? Right? Why else would this exact vase have been blatantly left for me to discover and for only $8? I realize this vase probably holds no monetary value and basically it is a simple representation of my many wonderful memories of family gatherings at my grandmother's house and drinking sweet tea from the glasses and the tea pitcher that are the mates.
So there you have it, my little finds of the day and all for less than $20! It was a good day!

**Check back tomorrow - I will have new pics of the heifer. Please contain your enthusiasm!*

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