Monday, April 6, 2009

This weekend, Briley and I stumbled across this wonderful vendor's booth at the Canton Trade Days. It just so happened that she and I were a tad bit hungry, so the idea of free samples was quite appealing! Let me just tell ya'... this stuff was great! The company is Company's Comin' and they specialize is quick meal starters, such as mixes for soups, dips, and casseroles.

After a few minutes of sampling and taste testing, we agreed on four of their soup mixes and last night for dinner, we served the Baha Chicken Soup! YUMMY!

(Pictures taken from their website)
I've never really been big on these sort of meal starters or the almost homemade products, but these were very flavorful and currently I am at a stage in my life where quick and easy are way more appealing to me than cheap...if you know what I mean?

Briley enjoyed the Baha Soup so much last night, that she asked for the leftovers in her lunch at school today!

If you run across a Company's Comin' vendor at your next craft fair or swap meet, give them a taste! You won't be disappointed.

**Come back tomorrow to see the other great items we brought home from Trade Days. Oh, and I promise to move away from so many pig posts!**

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