Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Inherited Body Parts

Maybe I've had too much migraine medicine, but last night as I was lying awake at 2:00am and pondering the universe, I began to wonder why it was necessary for a cat to snore - in my ear no less.

Additionally, I began to wonder about the origin of our particular and peculiar physical characteristics. Every family member in every family has something unique and 'special' to their family tree. If you don't believe me, just ask the matriarch of your family as she observes the new life that each generation brings and upon her observation announces that this newly formed perfect child has so-and-so's forehead or such-and-such's ears. Why is it necessary to stigmatize our fresh babies with this genetic affliction? It's almost like a curse of sorts, maybe if we don't call attention to the identifying marks of our family genetics, maybe they won't be noticed and we can just ignore the ever obnoxious foreheads and big ears that have passed from generation to generations?

Some may have large ears, or pug noses, or even the awful snoring trait.... have you ever wondered just how far back through the generations these pesky traits may have been evolving? Did my great, great grandmother stay awake at night pondering the universe?
For me personally, I have been plagued... or maybe I should say blessed with the bony square toes and feet of my father which are presently attached to the end of my legs? For this reason, I am never without painted and polished toes - imagine the horror to look down one day and see my own father's feet staring back at me... I shuttered in horror! Say it isn't so.... quick... add some pink! How did this happen -I know for a fact that I once had cute little girl toes that were just perfect for my sweet little girl feet? What genetic grouping decided that those perfect feet would change and why? What did I do to deserve this? As luck would have it, I would not only inherit is bony feet, but I would also inherit his popping feet sounds. Yes, I creak and crack when I walk, just like my dad. I can never sneak anywhere in our house - Each step is a symphony of sorts (well you get the idea?). How long has this trait carried through the generations? Did my great, great grandmother have creaky feet??

Another shocking observation is that my mother's hands are now permanently affixed to my arms! UGH --when did this happen? I know I saw my mom using them last! Which of my three girls will be the lucky recipients of my wrinkled - work woman- looking hands? Will one of my own daughters stay awake at night asking herself these same questions? Holy Cow - I really need to get some sleep or else a really good manicure.

I have three daughters and luckily they are all very different individuals with very different physical characteristics and personality traits. I feel that I must apologize to my Bailey for the plague that she has received - her own father's feet! Yes, at the end of her legs are funny looking toes with big nail beds. Just like her daddy... LOL... For the most part, and much to her dismay she looks so much like me, but well... those toes are another story! Sadly, I'm not even sure that pink nail polish will help at this point! LOL

What are your inherited physical features that plague you....uh....I mean.... bless you? Big ears? Long Fingers? Cankles? Double Jointed Elbows? What did you inherit?
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