Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's booked...

The Condo for our vacation is booked and now the count down begins! The trick to this vacation is that we are going under the premise of playing a week's worth of softball games in a National Tournament. The truth is that I'm going to play in the surf and sand, with an occasional softball game thrown in for good measure! (What Bailey and her dad don't know won't hurt me. :))

This is the view from where we will be staying.... ahhhh..... I absolutely can not wait! The next 8 weeks are going to pass by too slowly! Then the week we are there just always seems to fly by? UGH? Why is that? Why can't it be slow and leisure?

Here's are the Condos we are staying in....I think we are on the 16th floor?
A closer shot of the pool side....

Oh yea... I'm soooooo needing a vacation! I also need to lose about 40 pounds before I flash my big ole' booty in public, but then again - who really cares? I'm not there to impress anyone - I'm there to float around on my big ole' booty and get some sun!

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