Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fun in the Mailbox!

YIPPEE!!! Surprise... Surprise..... (well, not really I did purchase it and was anxiously awaiting my delivery?)

What was I anxiously awaiting? You Ask?

This..... This cute apron pattern! Isn't it just the sweetest little design? I absolutely can't wait to go fabric shopping to find the perfect material for this little cutie? Yes, I suppose there are plenty of fabrics in my stash, but where's the fun in that? I mean... shopping for the new material is half of the fun! Right? I knew you would agree!!!

As much as I wish I could fabric shop on-line, it's just not the same instant gratification that I get from wandering around my favorite fabric shops. I like to touch and feel, I like to walk and look and dream. (I probably need professional help, but then again we've already determined that!)If you feel the need to order your own fun pattern - here's the link to the Calamity Jane's Cottage.

Maybe I can share the finished product with you, before I'm 100 years old or before the men in white coats come to carry me away?
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