Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Picture it..... Spring 1985

**Pictures at the bottom**

It was the worst of times, it was the best of times..... It was the PROM - I was a sophomore, going to the Jr/Sr Prom with a SENIOR! Let's just say - I had ARRIVED! Or so I thought.

There I was in my 'borrowed' Gunny Sac white frilly dress with all sorts of lace and hoopla. Perfectly STIFF and BIG Poofy Hair and blue eyeshadow completed my ensemble. My date's name was Mark - a gangly young fellow that played the drums in our school band. He was totally cool, don't you know? After all, he was a S...E..N..I..O..R! Obviously I had accomplished what others could only dream of - being asked by a S..E..N..I..O..R!!!

The theme for the evening was You're The Inspiration, taken from the ever popular song by Chicago. The local Civic Center was decorated with all sorts of prom froo froo - the streamers were glistening with the strobe lights and the cardboard metallic stars were hanging from the ceiling. Could there ever be anything more romantic? Of course not! The night was magic - or so I thought.

I am going to search through some of my old pictures and see if I can find the couple picture that Mark and I took at THE PROM! You know... the whopping $50 portrait package that we just had to have! LOL I was skinny then... I will definitely share that picture with you!

Anyway, my reason or idea for this post was triggered by hearing this song again on the radio this morning. As it was playing I began to think back to the prom and really wonder what in the world our teachers and parent sponsors really thought of our magical prom evening? Were they all standing around in the corners thinking of just how hokey this whole thing was? Were they thinking of how stupid and naive we really were to think that our wonderful prom dates were going to inspire us to do anything of any significance?

I mean... seriously? For me, the entire evening surrounded around the DRESS, the MEAL, the RENTED LIMO, and the PICTURE PACKAGE! Now if other folks, including my date, had other ideas about after prom plans or hanky panky.... well.... he invited the WRONG GIRL! I was there for the hokey party favors and the pictures to prove to the rest of my high school girl friends that I had ARRIVED, and they hadn't! LOL

What was the theme to your prom or proms? Do you look back now and realize just how hokey it was?

** HA HA** I found this picture of my Sr. Prom - my date's name was Nick.... we had only decided to go together THREE days prior and my mom whipped out this dress. As it turned out, this was my most favorite dress of all of my prom dresses.

Oh how I wish I had those shoulder blades and skinny hips NOW!! LOL

And just for kicks... this is the famous fuzzy wrap Sr. Picture that everyone had to endure for the year book! OH, and everybit of that hair color was NATURAL!! It's crazy what I pay now - on a regular basis - in hopes of finding that 'natural' look again! UGH! It stinks getting old!

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