Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Proud Mama - Boast!!!

Saturday, Bailey (and Al's) softball team, the Texas Elite 14U won 1st Place in their tournament.
The girls started off with a rocky first couple of pool games (games that don't count), but they came out swinging (literally) and won all of the rest of their bracket games and ended up playing in the championship game at midnight!!! UGH --- softball season is here!

For those of you that don't know about our little addiction to softball - we play almost all year long; actually it's more like 10 out of 12 months. For the most part, we are traveling all over the metroplex, all year long. There's been talk of throwing in a few weekend tournaments in other parts of Texas - so I guess that means we'll be traveling a little further this summer? Oh well?

What makes this tournament win so great is that the girls have really been working diligently over the past couple of months to form a solid team with solid skills and so many of these girls will be advancing to High School teams next year. I hope their success continues through the summer.

(Bailey and her dad are the ones in the middle on the back row)

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