Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vacation Pics - Part Three

Bailey and her friend took a ride on a Virtual Roller Coaster... They had a blast! Bailey had done this previously, but she never gets tired of these rides, but then again - I guess I didn't tire of them either when I was 13!
Even Briley got in on the virtual roller coaster ride - she LOVED it! I was a little concerned at first since they basically lock you up in this compartment and then you flip and flop around in it while 'watching' a roller coaster ride, but Briley did great and came out laughing!

Point of interest in this picture: Notice the HUGE Goose Egg on Briley's forehead... this happened the first day we were in the Condo. She dropped something on the bathroom floor and when she bent down to pick it up, she hit her head on the marble counter top - UH - yes - she had the goose egg.. ALL WEEK... and everywhere we went, folks were asking her about it! At least her story didn't change? LOL

On another note - The Lovely Plastic HOOK - well that is what you get after you spend $30 in tokens playing goofy little arcade games! I guess it's safe to say that we did our part to stimulate the ailing economy! We left a lot of our money there for the arcade to use! LOL Oh well - it's vacation!

Briley and I taking a turn at the go-karts! Let me just say - those youngsters are rough and really do bump into you... Briley and I were not expecting to have whiplash! LOL But it was fun, nonetheless!
(I'm slowly coming to terms that this is my body and it's going to take a lot of work to change it! I'll be 40 in less than a month - I guess the ole' metabolism has just completely stalled out on me! It's time to get busy, if I want to slim down? Or maybe I could just embrace this whole 'new' me in the next phase of my life? I'll let you know later what I decide! I'm not necessarily motivated at this point to do much of anything!)
I don't know why we only go to these sorts of places when we are on vacation? I mean... they have these fun places in the metroplex, but we NEVER go... probably because it's a huge money pit!

One evening we spent the time walking and looking around at the 'outdoor' shopping mall - which luckily they had a bungee jumpy thing set up and both of the girls felt the need to give it at try.

It was fun to watch - some kids really got into and figured out how to do several flips, however my girls weren't quite as adventurous, but it was fun, just the same. The next day Briley mentioned that her stomach muscles were sore? Hmmm??? I wonder why? Could it be that she had pulled them in all sorts of directions? Ha Ha!

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