Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vacation Pics - Part Two

Here are a few shots of our trip along the way ... nothing too exciting, but the fact that we made it in one piece without any major meltdowns, is always amazing!

We passed by the Casinos in Shreveport,'ll notice the picture appears to be a bit blurry? Well that's because the individual driving (herein referred to as HIM)-absolutely refused to slow down and let me get a good shot....once we start out driving - the only thing that would deter HIM from his mission was a small voice from the back seat that needs to potty, or he's out of snuff! LOL
So with that said - you'll understand why so many of my pictures look like I took then while traveling 70mph - because I DID!

We made it to Alabama - The USS Alabama is absolutely HUGE! One of these days I would like to take the tour of this battleship - but then again -I'll have to be the driver, in order to stop!

Next up is the Tunnel going through Mobile, Alabama. I just really can't explain the fascination we have with this ugly ole' tunnel, but even the girls stopped playing their DS games and turned off the Ipods to watch as we drove through the tunnel. OH, and yes... we honked as we drove through the tunnel? Why do folks do that?

We aren't exactly the happiest gang of early risers when we've been traveling for so many hours, cooped up in a car - so getting started the next day was tough. In this picture Briley and HIM were catching up on a Sponge Bob Cartoon. None of us were overly enthused about climbing back in the car for another 7 hours or so. Oh, I suppose we could have made the 13 hour trip in one day, but really.... how would I have decided who would come back in the body bag?

SHONEY's are EVERYWHERE in the South! There maybe some in the Dallas area, but I can't recall where they are? Not the case in Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida... just find any truck stop on the Interstate and I can guarantee you a Shoney's sign or better yet, the restaurant isn't far off! We did make one obligatory stop for Breakfast at Shoney's - how you can go on vacation without at least one stop at Shoney's? It's UN-American!

This pretty much how Briley spent her time on the road - plugged in to a DVD player! Oh what I wouldn't have given to have some entertainment all the years my parents drug me on vacation! At the very best, I had a word search and a coloring book! These kids don't have a clue what bored in the car is! Briley built her little nest around her with pillow and blanket and was nested most of the way!

I did get HIM to stop once along the way at the cutest little road side produce stand. So of course I had to buy something? What kind of weary traveler would I be if I didn't? I found a yummy jar of Red Tomato Preserves and a basket of peaches (which need to be put in the freezer before they ruin).

All in all, the horrible traffic jams getting to the beach and the never ending miles of highway with no decent radio reception were definitely worth it! And - no body got hurt - huge accomplishment!

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