Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vacation Pics - Part ONE

Oh where to begin? I won't bore you with all of the daily details of our trip, but you know I can't keep the fun to myself?

Let's start with the REAL reason we went to Florida -USFA National Tournament - for those of you not in the 'know'... it's SOFTBALL - for which everything in our lives revolve around! I can guarantee you that if Bailey's team had not qualified to play in that tournament, our family would have been vacationing in the front yard with a water sprinkler!

And even though it may not look like it from her facial expressions - she really does enjoy playing and had a great time!

Bailey's team played some very good ball games, but sadly we didn't come away with a trophy! All is not lost, it was a great experience for so many of the girls that had not been to a National Tournament such as this, and there were many great memories made among new and old friends!

What else is a little sister to do during a boring softball game, when we all know she would much rather be at the beach playing in the waves? Briley adapted quite well - she just took a nap on the picnic table bench! LOL

(On a different note - my pictures didn't turn out a great as I had hoped - I took the wrong lens with us to Florida and left my good ole' stand by lens at home, so I wasn't nearly as practiced with the new one, and unfortunately the quality of my pictures reflects that.)

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