Tuesday, July 28, 2009


1) Vacation is over and I am back at work;

(yes, these are my ugly feet in the sand)

2) There are stacks and stacks of work waiting in my in-box to get done; and
3) The Back-to-School commercials are running on TV and it's inevitable that school will be starting in less than a month - which means SHOPPING for back-to-school clothes. Luckily we wear uniforms, and once I figure out the style and size, I can order the majority of the clothes on-line.

(These two can't be trusted! They are partners in crime!)

But in the meantime.... I'll share some pictures of our vacation.

The waves were absolutely wonderful -clear water and no seaweed, PERFECT!

Both of these pictures were taken from the balcony of our condo!

I have about 400 more pictures to download, but don't worry - I'll be back with more of our fun times in Panama City Beach!

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