Tuesday, August 25, 2009

1st Day of School - In Review

The conversations around the dinner table last night - were riveting, to say the least...

In case you were wondering - The High School Cafeteria was a huge success! LOL

There was plenty of food for Bailey to choose from and she was eating during the last lunch period - and still food left?! It's a miracle!! Woo Hoo!! (Well, okay - Bailey was pumped!) Briley was less than impressed, but luckily she had taken her lunch and usually takes it everyday - unless I can convince her that the school food will be good that day? She's a hard one to convince - she's not as easily impressed by chicken rings, as Bailey! :) The odd thing about Briley's food choice is that she's strangely excited when the school serves Salisbury Steak and mashed potatoes - basically it's just pre-made, reheated, TV dinner like stuff - but she loves it? Go figure? I may grab a few of the Swanson Salisbury Steak Dinners and keep them on hand for those nights when she's not in the mood for whatever I'm cooking. Who knew?

School went well, the 3rd grade teacher is organized to Briley's liking and she's made friends already with over half of the class, or so she says? Today she plans on making friends with the rest of the class. I guess she's trying to divide and conquer 3rd grade?

This year we have allowed Briley to take her cell phone (well not really her's, but just an extra one we already had been paying for service for and noone was using) to school, only under the condition that it is to be turned off all day until she steps off of the bus and starts walking home- at which time she is to immediately call me. Over the summer she has become quite proficient in texting and actually it's going to work out well that she and Bailey can communicate through texting as Bailey's after school schedule changes so frequently and Briley won't be left in a lurch, wondering why Bailey isn't on the bus. We'll see how well this works out? She's pretty responsible with it, already.

Bailey's review of High School was 'good'. She found all of her classes and made it to each of them on time. She has a little problem with chatting in the halls and being tardy! I'm hoping we don't have this problem in High School; we've warned her repeatedly about staying on task, going to her locker, and proceeding immediately to the classroom. Do not pass Go, Do not Collect $200 - or Go directly to Saturday School Detention!

Bailey did discover one 'cute' boy in her grade. She said he was new to the District and was in her AG class. When I asked her about him, all she said was that he was 'fresh meat'... Hmmmm??? Should I be concerned? LOL

Well - all in all - it was a good start to the new school year! Briley didn't fall asleep on the bus and miss her stop (she's done that before), Bailey wasn't tardy or absent her first day (she's done that before), and there was enough food for all (we've had shortages before on the first day and Bailey came home starving). Off to a good start, I think?
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