Thursday, August 27, 2009

I need a moment of Silence....

For my passing youth!

Yes, TODAY is the THE day! I've turned ** 40**!! It's official!

I'll be having cake, 'cause I can!

I'm not so sure what my plans are for this next step in my life - at the moment, I'm mostly interested in learning the cause for my increasing heart palpitations and will hopefully find resolution next week when I go to the CARDIOLOGIST! UGH!!

Or, lets not forget that just yesterday the Dr. told me that I have high cholesterol, I'm hypoglycemic, OVERWEIGHT (as if I needed her to tell me that?),and she increased my blood pressure medication! I say again - I'll be having cake today, 'cause I can!!!

So far the prospects of the 40's aren't looking so great, but then again I guess it's better than the alternative! OH and did I mention that I'll be having cake today?

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