Monday, August 31, 2009

The Cerermonial Change of the Seasons

Okay - so maybe not so much - BUT - I'm anxious to have cooler temps and feel the fall breezes across my porch as I sit in my comfy rockers. I NEED to have a change of scenery and the best cure for that is to shop for new 'fall decorating' items.

What else is s girl to do, but take a stroll through the stores to see all of the pumpkins and scarecrows that are on display and to smell the new scents of the fall candles! Oh, you know what that means? Right? NEW CANDLES!!! Yep, I succumbed to the apple cinnamon goodness! I just couldn't resist - I already told you I NEEDED a change.

I need FALL, just as badly as I needed Spring and Summer. Now Winter - well that I can always do without - but the other three seasons are doable! :)

All of the goodness of Fall has me so excited; I will be spending a weekend in October with my girlfriends at a wonderful flea market and shopping for whatever jumps out at me and gabbing about nothing and everything. We will spend two nights at a Bed & Breakfast without husbands and kids - Oh MY Goodness - it's the best time of year. The smells of the food booths, the new flavors of fudge, the junk that I really don't need and can't go home without - sheer excitement, I tell ya!!!

I'm counting down to the change of the seasons and to my weekend of fun. Oh I know what you're gonna say - It's only September, and we really don't even have cooler weather until late October, but still - just the sheer anticipation of it all will help pass the month of September along.

Now I must go and light the cermonial apple cinnamon candle!
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