Friday, August 21, 2009

BUZZZZZZZ.......... SLAM !!!!!!!!!!!!

The alarm clock and I had a little disagreement! I was sooooooo not interested in getting out of bed. After all it was raining, and it's Friday! Ok - how much do they really need me to be at work? I mean - payroll is finished, money is moved around- there aren't a lot of life threatening issues that arise on Fridays in my office, or as I refer to, the MORGUE!

Yea, yea, yea, I know - I have a job, be happy! But --- UGH!!! I don't wanna work anymore! Okay, so maybe I would go crazy not working, but I just need a few days at home - with the kids in school - and me puttering around the house doing whatever I feel like doing? Is that so hard? Obviously it's absolutely impossible! LOL

Moving on - I've whined long enough!!

Last night was Meet the Teacher for Briley's 3rd grade class. All went well, and she's ready to start the new year on Monday! I think we are going to have a wonderful year - or at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

No negative or ugly thoughts from this mama; I have to save my strength for the first year of High School for Bailey. {If you've been following along in the life and times of Bailey, well you KNOW!! If not, then let's just say that anything is possible.... the good, the bad, the ugly! I have to be prepared for whatever Bailey gets into!!}
Now I ask you....Need I say more?

Brittany will walk the stage at tonight's graduation ceremony at the Jr. College! Woo Hoo... she's not actually finished with the program, but she's close enough that she qualifies to 'graduate'. In all actuality, Brit will finish her program in about 6 weeks - that means - she can GET A JOB that hopefully will have normal working hours and won't require her to schlep beer and wings all night long in skimpy clothes. I'm thinking positively - remember?

UGH - is it still Friday? I'm still at work - all is normal and morgue-like - so I guess life is good!
Yep, pathetic as it may be, it's my 'normal'!
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