Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I refuse to get older!

Do you think that will stop the birthdays from coming? Probably not!!
One week and one day until I turn the big '40'...I'm wearing a heart monitor!! UGH. If this is any indication of what the next few years might hold - uh - I don't wanna!! (As I walk off stomping my feet and crossing my arms!)

I finally succumbed to the constant heart palpitations, the headaches, and the sugar shakes and made an appointment with the Internist. I don't do Dr's - at all!! For me to even make the appointment is a huge step - but sitting at my desk doing nothing and experiencing constant body rattling heart palpitations, was enough for me to take notice and take action.

So far I've had an EKG, fasted for 12 hours and had blood drawn, and been plugged up to a heart monitor for the next 24 hours.
Of course this morning when I had blood drawn I had NONE of the sugar shakes that I've been suffering with for the past month or so... of course not! That would be too easy! Also, since I've been wearing this heart monitor - NO palpitations - NOT A ONE! This is so frustrating! It's like I'm a big liar or a hypochondriac, but my symptoms are real - they really are! be continued.... Will I make it to 40? Will my heart blow up before then? Will my sugar bottom out and I fall into a coma? Who knows? The way my luck goes - it could go either way. I'll keep you posted!
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