Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Yep, we are slowly getting back into the everyday routine - VERY SLOWLY!!! Bailey has started having two-a-day volleyball practice this week and from the looks of the schedule, these daily practices will continue until school starts on August 24th. (Yep-those huge feet belong to my precious Bailey -all 5'10" of her and her size 11 feet!)

I just have one question. When whomever is deciding when to practice, do they stop to think that maybe these freshmen can't drive yet? That maybe these kids' parents work real jobs, and can't be available to pick-up and drop off at odd times during the day....i.e.. 9:am or 2:pm?
Seriously--- we live in the country - like 30 miles from the down town city area, and trust me it takes a small fortune to live out in our rural community so most moms have full time jobs (but we won't even get started on what I have to pay for trash pick-up since we live in the country. I promise you won't believe me... another post for another day...).

So most of these parents aren't working at the local lawyer's office or the insurance office, 'cause we don't have any!!! To work is to drive - far far away - so my point to all of this ramble?

How the heck do these coaches expect Jim Bob and Sally Sue to make it to these odd practice times when they don't coincide with any sort of work start times or lunch breaks, or end of the day working hours for the parents? It's crazy! It's not as if I can just run grab her from the house and be back to work in 15 minutes - it takes a full hour of trucking it to get her picked up from our house and dropped at school and me back to work. UGH... I'm already tired just thinking about it.

Oh well - we are only in the 3rd day of Volleyball practice and the fun is only beginning, I just better shut up and get off of my soap box (yes, it's one of my many soap boxes!). Not only do we live in the back of nowhere, but we play other schools in our interscholastic league that are even further away from civilization.

I will never know what keeps people from going stark raving mad to have to drive so far to buy a gallon of milk! I'm not a country dweller - I don't want to be - I never said I did - I got sucked into buying a house that I liked and thought I could 'get use to it'. WRONG - 7 years later and I'm going mad - and the sad part is that I'm just sane enough to know that I'm going crazy!

The next time you are driving along what appears to be a deserted country black top road and you wonder if anyone lives around there- well someone probably does, in a double wide trailer with junk cars sitting in the front yard, and there's probably a high school just around the bend and behind the creek and down the valley that is hosting a 9th grade volleyball tournament! :)

Ask me how I know this! :)
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