Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ehhh??? I've got nothing!

How odd is this? I've got nothing to ramble on about?

I supposed I could discuss the much needed buckets of rain that we received over the weekend?

Maybe I could tell you about how I gave in and sent Briley to school today with her packet of Fundraiser Forms filled out and I'm proud to say that she sold a grand total of FIVE (*5*)! That's just enough to get her into the prize party! I've already told her that we will not be participating in this mess next year - do you think she'll remember that? Well of course not! I'll have to go through this entire process of rant and rage again, next September.

I suppose I could talk about the area festival that was rained out and how disappointed I am to have spent $65 on the arm bands that were designed to let the girls ride unlimited rides, for the three carnival days? But due to rain - they rode a grand total of 10 rides!!!

Or, I could choose to go off on my funky tangent about how I spent my entire weekend waiting on a phone call from Bailey to come and get her from school, because they were finished with their Volleyball tournament. Because you know, it's just too much to ask that they actually follow a plan of events or have a calendar that is accurate? Oh no... it's much easier to just fly by the seat of our pants and have the parents just hang around town and wait for the call... "come get me, we're done!"

Oh well, I really have nothing wonderful and exciting to talk about, so I guess I'll just go about my way and get busy at work. Not that I really want to, but I've got nothing to blog about today?

*** Don't worry, I'm sure someone or something will cause me great angst today and I'll have something more to rant and rave about tomorrow? I'm rarely at a loss for rambling words?***
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