Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Do you ever need a good cry to clear things out?

That's exactly how I feel - but not for me personally! I wish it would rain for a couple of days - just good, solid, down pours! The air is so thick and heavy and the heat is just about to pinch out every life form. Crazy? Yes, well we've already discovered that about me! LOL

The ground around our house is so hard and cracked, it's dangerous to walk across our backyard - you could lose a foot, or worse - a flip flop. Nightly, I venture outside to brave the mosquitoes and stand and hold the running water hose around the edges of our foundation and sidewalk/driveway. There's nothing else we can do - if the ground continues to split open, the concrete will too.

Let's not even mention the dust in the air that's wreaking havoc on my family's allergies - so I have determined that my little part of the world just needs a good cry - let it all out - wash all of our worries away! A few thunderstorms would certainly do the trick, at least in my opinion?

Anyone know a good rain dance? I"m off to google 'Rain Dance'.
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