Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Three Day Weekend Blahs!

Hope everyone had a wonderful three day weekend or Labor Day, if the entire weekend wasn't all that you had hoped for? Crawling out of bed this morning was less than exciting; the girls are suffering with allergies and not exactly the most cheerful folks to wake up. The shortest hour of the day is from 6am -7am... it has to be. There's no way I really hit the snooze button so many times - seems like the time just flies by while I'm lying in bed trying to scheme and plan an alternative idea to working for a living. :)

We are all back into the full and busy swing of life, and I just realized that I don't get another 'free' holiday until Thanksgiving!! That just sounds so depressing, doesn't it?

So now that summer is officially over and I've taken down the 'springier/summerish' wreath off of the front door, I'm going to be encouraged by weather reports that we are going to have cooler temps. How silly of me? This is TEXAS!! The only cooler temps we are going to see will be in the 80's... not much to look forward to -- but I'll take what I can get!!!

Hope you have a wonderful week!
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