Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Checking in Mid-Week

Let me apologize for being a lousy blogger - Life has gotten in the way lately!

First up .... I will share with you THE BALL.......

This is no ordinary softball. This is a ball that Bailey hit OVER THE FENCE this past weekend at a 'college look' tournament. This was actually the second home run for her of the tournament. The first home run ball was a beautiful line drive that happened to hit the top of the fence and dropped. The second one was perfect - cleared the fence and landed in the woods near poison ivy! LOL Not to fear, another softball dad drudged out into the woods to find it for her! I don't think she stopped talking about that hit all weekend! It really was a beautiful hit.

Although she can't be contacted by any of the college scouts yet, these tournaments are doing wonders for her self esteem on the pitching mound and she will be more than mentally ready for college softball, if and when the opportunity arises!

Yesterday was Bailey's 14th Birthday! How is this possible? How can it be that this little monster is growing up on me? LOL She is very definitely growing up to be a wonderful and responsible young lady! Well... maybe? When I got home and opened up the cake I noticed that there had been some adjustments made....

I think it's safe to say that those track marks were made by a finger belonging to the birthday girl. :)

By the time we all made it home last night from our usual busy and hectic Tuesday night schedule, we lit the candles and had cake.
What better way to head off to bed, than after a big plate of chocolate cake and a glass of milk?

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