Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm a Blogging Dud....

Yep...That's... DUD.... not DUDE!!!

Sorry my blogging buddies, but lately I just haven't had much to blog about? Or at least nothing that sounds noteworthy to me?

Just super busy with work, trying to convince myself that Christmas is coming and nothing I say or do will stop it! Our Thanksgiving plans are already in place and you know what that means... yep... the tree goes up next!

Bailey has finished the softball tournaments for the fall and now we are leaping into showing livestock. As a matter of fact, she has a Jack Pot Show this weekend and that will start up the Heifer/Pig season for us until the big County show in the Spring. Along with High School Softball starting in February!

Briley is busy busy with learning multiplication tables - not so much!!! Let me just say this - they don't teach math the way I learned it, 30 yrs ago! Whatever happened to learning one family of facts before moving on? This is so frustrating to both of us. So, this cranky know-it-all mother is taking multiplication into my own hands and WE are going to learn them one fact family at a time! Geez?? It's flashcard time at our house each night - no excuses - Briley is going to learn/memorize this stuff, if it kills us! Well, you know what I mean? LOL

Brit is less than 12 hrs away from having 1500 hours for a completed Cosmetology Course! That means that she 'should' officially be finished with class by 5PM tomorrow??? Keeping my fingers crossed - with her - anything could happen!
Woo Hoo... I feel like I have personally done each and every one of those 1500 hours with her - or at least I've stressed over her completing this course for 1500 hours or MORE! Now the next big step is to pass the State Board Exam, (which I'm sure she will) but I just don't know what her level of enthusiasm is to get this test scheduled and completed!

So there you have it - nothing exciting - just plugging along with life!
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