Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Culinary Talents of Bailey

Who Knew?
Little did I know or realize that Bailey has an interest in cooking!! This is an awesome discovery - what's more awesome is that she made cookies following a recipe -all by herself. She was home alone and had a hankering for something sweet, so what's a girl to do?

Disclaimer: I had no idea Bailey knew how to read or use a measuring cup/spoon - so this was a huge accomplishment! Up until this point, Bailey is the TV dinner queen and is quite happy just eating whatever jumps out at her and is easy.

Much to my surprise, Bailey went to the trusty Better Homes and Garden, red and white checked cookbook and found a recipe for Peanut Butter Cookies.

This is the very same cookbook that I learned to cook out of as a child and when I married 20+ years ago, I received my very own copy to grace the shelves of my kitchen. I've used it for so many basic starter recipes. It really has become a staple in our kitchen. I guess Bailey has seen me drag it out enough, that she decided to give it a try.

She only needed to call me once to ask 'What is granulated sugar?' .... I guess she thought that was something magical, so when I told her it was just plain sugar she was even more excited that we had all of the ingredients she needed. Away she went, measuring, scooping, and stirring! I did warn her to check the oven before she turned it on - it's my hiding place for skillets and usually dirty skillets that are filled with left over bacon grease - why do I hate to clean those out? Oh well that's a story for another post. Other than my one warning, she went on her way and starting whipping up a batch of cookies.

When I arrived home an hour or so later, Bailey greeted me with these lovely treats...

I couldn't believe it - they were perfect! No smoke filled kitchen, no mess in the sink - It's a Miracle! AND... they tasted great! (Ya' know, I did forget to ask her if she washed her hands before she started...with her ya' never really know?? Oh well... not gonna worry about it!)

She did tell me her arm was tired from mixing the ingredients. I looked puzzled at her and asked, "Why didn't you use the electric mixer?". Her reply, "OH, it didn't say to in the recipe, and I didn't know we had one?" LOL... I guess that big white thing is the Pantry is just decoration? Oh well...live and learn!

Peanut Butter Cookies? Anyone? (And she used Sugar Crystals for an extra zip!)

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