Monday, November 30, 2009

Turkey Day Hang Over!

The last four days have been great - sorta? We had a wonderful day with the In-Laws on Thanksgiving, but since then we've all been bedded down and in the house like we were hibernating? I don't know if we've had some sort of virus passing amongst us, but NONE of us left the house for 3 days!

I finally mustered up enough energy to go grocery shopping Sunday afternoon, but then I went right back to bed! We were all grumpy, achy, and just totally tired! I think Brit slept for almost 24 hrs straight - the rest of us slept for 12+ hrs straight each night, then up to eat and back to bed - quite odd for all of us! I'm glad the tv cable didn't go out - there might have been a revolt! Needless to say, we weren't hopping up to get to school and work this morning - it was a long slow process this morning! :)

I'm sure we'll all be back to normal by this afternoon - Yippee!!! (insert sarcasm).

I need to clean out the fridge from the holiday leftovers and do something with some left over ham and turkey I have. I also need to work on cleaning out and cooking some little stuff I have in the freezers...I should have cleaned this weekend, but I could barely get from the bed to the bathroom - quite pathetic actually!

Surprisingly, the house stayed clean - no one cared enough to drag much out - so that's a plus! LOL

Now to deal with work - luckily not much going on in the office. From now until the end of the year it's going to be pretty dull and boring around here - which makes for really long days but I won't have to drum up much brain power to get through!

Can you tell - I'm still not over my grumpiness?
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