Thursday, November 19, 2009

More fun on the farm with Girl Scouts

It's safe to assume that Briley has mastered the art of RUG BEATING! This seemed to be a huge attraction and all of the kiddos I watched, loved being able to beat the tar out of something!

The girls loved the tractor and wagon ride - I gotta admit, I did sorta wish I could have hopped on too... my feet were killing me.

In this dutch oven was a scrumptious looking/smelling pineapple upside down cake - too bad when we made it back around, the cake was already eaten. Now Briley is convinced that we can do this in the backyard? UH???? I'm not so sure about that? I know it can be done, but I don't think I'm going to start cooking over an open flame and I know I'm most definitely NOT going to dig a firepit in the backyard! Let's just save that fun for Girl Scout Camp.

The girls got to try their hand at quilting... sorta? They made paper quilts with pre-cut fabric squares. Super cute idea and some of the girls were quite creative with their projects. Briley on the other hand NOT SO MUCH! She glued exactly 6 tiny squares on her paper and called it done. Oh well?

Next up was grinding corn to feed to the chickens. This wheel didn't turn as easily as expected, they had to put some muscle into it.

I really thought they should have given out chickens or at the very least eggs to take home in our goody bags! I really want some chickens.....

They even had a school house that the girls could go into and have a little spelling bee amongst each other! So creative! I tell ya', these folks really went all out to make this a memorable experience.

As promised....the cow milking adventure! I had wondered how they were going to get to milk a real cow? Well???? Not so much! It was a 'pretend' cow, but they really did get to experience the whole 'utter' thing and milk came out. So I guess everyone was pleased? The all walked away shaking their cream into butter and nibbling on fresh homemade icecream!

Due to the massive crowd at the Candle Dipping Exhibit and the amount of time it took to actually dip and cool, the candles the girls made weren't exactly what they had in mind. However, since they all showed such a huge interest in this craft, we are going to incorporate Candle Making into one of our meetings and hopefully we can come up with a few candles that are a little more viable than this...

You get the idea - it would eventually be a candle...after about 400 more trips around the hay stacks and 400 more dips into the wax! LOL

The day was ended by a ride on the wagon - pulled by the weary looking mules?? donkeys??? I don't know what they were, but they were hot and tired! (So were we!)
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